Easy senior exercises to reduce back pain

Relieving Back Pain Can Improve Your Quality of Life –
Start By Trying These Exercises

Hey, did you know that 80% of adults worldwide will experience back pains at least once during their lifetime?

That means you or someone you love is probably going to face these pesky discomforts

Luckily, you already carry the best medicine with you – stretching & exercising!

And today you’re learning how to make the most of them with over 10 easy, fast & soothing exercises for adults & seniors:

Lower Back Exercises for Seniors
(Simple Lumbar Spine Exercises)
Back Exercises For Seniors (Seated)
(Simple Lower Back Exercises)

Doing these daily is not only good for relieving your back pain, improving your flexibility and relaxing muscle tension...

...but exercising & stretching will make you healthier, more energized, and maybe even more self-confident!

Wishing you the best,


The 🧦199Socks.com Team

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